April to June 2019 and a typical day

Another delivery from the Swansea area

It has beeen a record Quarter at the Treatment Hub in terms of importing soils in and exporting soils out. We are now taking soils from a number of high-profile clients who take great care to ensure that their waste is received, managed, treated and recycled in safe, compliant and efficient manner.

To ensure the Treatment Hub achieve these high standards, many of our clients undertake initial due diligence on our facility and the methods / procedures we operate, together with regular audits.


It is a fact in this industry, many waste producers don’t want it known what waste they produce and where it goes, a fact we fully understand and appreciate. On this basis we do not publicise who are clients are and what waste we are recycling on their behalf.


Dealing with the morning rush (cup of tea will have to wait)

Most morning there has been a queue of wagons waiting to offload and get back out there for the next load, often we would be reloading them with treated / processed material to be dropped at another site to keep wagon movements down. We find hauliers tend to be early birds, which suits us at Treatment Hub as we can open very early to statisy our customer requirements. We can (and do) remian open until late if required.




Another trait of this type of business is that you review and cost 100s of soils enquiries, then you will get a call the day before asking if we can accept 30 loads the next day (the answer is mostly yes). Any plans you had for that day  go out the window.


We have introduced new working protocols to enable us to validate materials much more quickly, this has enabled us to treat / process / validate virtually directly into the wagons.

We are also producing quality aggregates, just small scale at the moment on demand, for example during this period (April to June) we have been able to produce over 1,000tonne of high-grade aggregate for delivery to a local site.


Going forward, we are looking to expand this side of business by taking inert construction and demolition waste, in addition to hazardous and non-hazardous soils and stones (17-05-03 & 17-05-04) to meet the local market requirements and ability to offer a one stop shop (Hub) for lcoal developers / developments. More to follow this in a future update.

Another load of recycled soil off for beneficial reuse

In addition, to recycling soils and stones, we have a number of other EWCs (we are also in the process of adding a number of EWCs to our Permit to realise local demand and our capabilities) which allow us to take a range of waste streams. We have undertaken trials on a number of these, some not very successful, some needing refinement and other have been highly successful. This is another side of the business which is growing rapidly and deserves more attention than currently afforded. However, this week we did find the time to undertake a number of these pending trials which we are confident will offer new opportunities to recycle.

Found space (and time) to try out some new things

The one returning theme this year (quarter) has been space, on this basis we are looking to expand the business into a new unit to enable us to take in and process more waste.




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