The service provided by The Treatment Hub has helped its customers to win awards

Volker Fitzpatrick Win CIWM Award

The Treatment Hub have helped Volker Fitzpatrick to win the CIWM award for sustainable construction and demolition.

44,000 tonnes of contaminated and uncontaminated black soil and stone was excavated on the Swansea Maliphant Intercity Express Project – the construction of a train maintenance depot.

The project set an environmental target of diverting 90% of its waste, so an innovative solution was required to reuse the materials on site to reach this target.

The hazardous waste was sent to The Treatment Hub’s facility to undergo treatment using E-Clay Technology, which immobilises the source and pathway of contamination within the material.

Uncontaminated material was screened on site and the treated contaminated material was returned to site. The total 44,000 tonnes of excavated material was used as engineering backfill.

The result was that resources were managed to prevent waste material going to landfill, local traffic obstruction and pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Treatment Hub

Advanced Material Treatment, Remediation And Recycling. The Treatment Hub is a landfill Tax Exempt Hazardous Soil Recycling Treatment Facility based in South Wales.



We are a large facility located a short distance from Junction 47 of the M4.

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