Contaminated soils recycling at the Treatment Hub

With Landfill Tax currently at £88.95per tonne, “Dig and dump” may have consigned to the remediation past. However, there is no denying the distinct advantages imparted by this approach to Brownfield remediation. These advantages can still be achieved in South Wales by virtue of the Treatment Hub, maybe inventing a new expression, “Dig and Develop”.

The Treatment Hub (Swansea) is a dedicated soil treatment facility fully permitted to receive non-hazardous and hazardous soils. The Treatment Hub utilises proprietary remediation technologies to fully recover materials and provide an alternative to costly landfill.

The last six months has been a particularly busy period at the Treatment Hub, however one particular contract stands out to highlight the innovative way the Treatment Hub operates in the recycling market place by providing unique bespoke solutions.

Having previously worked together with Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd., on a number of high-profile Brownfield remediation projects, Jones Brothers did not hesitate to contact us to assist in the remediation of a small site near Swansea. The site was a former Western Power Distribution electrical sub-station facility. The aim of the project was to remediate the site to enable the land to be developed for residential purposes. Several remediation options were considered, onsite treatment options did not meet the timeframe or commercial constraints of the project. In addition, the material management plan indicated, the requirement to reduce site levels and therefore only an offsite disposal option worked. Initial assessments of landfill costs based on an estimated volume of 100tonne of non-hazardous soils put the cost in excess of £100,000. Any potentially hazardous soils would have costed significantly more.

At the Treatment Hub we were strategically placed to accept the soils at our facility.

diggingWorking with Jones Brothers, we were able, through a series of trial pits to fully delineate the extent of the historical hydrocarbon contamination laterally and vertically on site. Laboratory testing by i2 Analytical suggested the soils were a mixture of hazardous and non-hazardous based on the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon contamination levels. The contaminated soils were excavated by Jones Brothers and transported to the Treatment Hub in one day. Further trial pitting was undertaken to demonstrate the satisfactory removal of the contamination and a Validation Report produced to reflect the remediation works undertaken.

The Treatment Hub disposal costs were less than £3,000 a significant saving based on the original landfill estimates. Through the use of the Treatment Hub the development became commercially viable.

The works were undertaken in November 2017, in subsequent period the soils, together with other contaminated soils of a similar contamination profile, have been successfully treated, screened and beneficially reused elsewhere in the South Wales area.

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Advanced Material Treatment, Remediation And Recycling. The Treatment Hub is a landfill Tax Exempt Hazardous Soil Recycling Treatment Facility based in South Wales.



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